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Scary Harry

Haunted HayrideDarkwoods AcademyThe AsylumTrick or Treat House

The Capital District's #1 Haunted Attraction

For 23 years, the Double M Haunted Hayrides have been terrifying those who are brave enough to venture to the eerie woods at the Double M property located just outside of Malta, NY.

Scary Harry, the resident ghost cowboy of Double M, has a horrifying experience awaiting you. Your journey will begin with a true Haunted Hayride on a tractor-drawn wagon, winding through the dark woods that are rumored to be filled with spirits and creatures of unimaginable beings. Each and every corner brings certain evil. If you are lucky enough, you may just make it to the end of the trail.

However, your journey does not end when the wagon comes to a stop. On the contrary, it has just begun. Those who made it this far will exit the wagon and enter a land of flesh-eating zombies. The school grounds at Darkwoods Academy have been overrun by an infection, leading to an all-out zombie outbreak. Stay quiet and alert, as walkers are everywhere. Whatever you do, don't get scratched or bitten.

Beyond Darkwoods Academy is The Asylum, a mental institute that has gone so very wrong. The patients have overrun the staff. Doctors, nurses, guards- they are all dead. The patients are everywhere- and are very dangerous. Be extremely careful, many of these patients have been here for decades and know every shortcut and hiding spot in the building. You won't see them coming, but they will see you.

The last leg of your journey takes you to a place that few have escaped. The Trick or Treat House is a permanent existence for trick or treaters that never left this creepy house one Halloween night. These demented trick or treaters lie in wait for those who come knocking. No one can predict their behavior, and it's best to move as quickly through this area as you can. If you don't, you too may never leave.